London Cocktail Week 2017

London Cocktail Week 2017 is getting closer

London Cocktail Week 2017, the worlds biggest cocktail festival, is getting closer. Here is everything you need to know about this year’s event.


What is London Cocktail Week

For one week, between 02-08 October, you can enjoy £6 signature cocktails in more than 250 locations all over London. If that’s not enough, you can attend The Cocktail Village at Old Spitalfields Market, where more than 40 pop-up cocktail bars and food vendors will cater to your needs.

This year, two things have changed. Firstly, the wristband is replaced with a digital pass and an app helping you navigate around London. That is a great improvement.

The second change is making things more complicated. Earlier you could buy a ticket for The Cocktail Village and come and go as you like. Now, to arrive after 5 pm, you have to have a new ticket for each day. The fact that these tickets get sold out early, makes you have to decide what evening(s) you want to go in advance.

The Cocktail Village
The Cointreau Kiost at The Cocktail Village in 2016. (Picture: Bjørn Christian Finbråten)

How to attend London Cocktail Week 2017

  1. Download the DrinkUp.London app. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. By your digital pass for just £10.
  3. Choose between more than 250 venues, all over London.
  4. Ask for their signature £6 cocktail and show your digital pass.
  5. Repeat until satisfied.
  6. If you want to attend The Cocktail Village in the evening, this will cost an additional £5 for pass holders.

Here is everything you need to know about the new DrinkUp.London app.


Opening hours for The Cocktail Village

Monday: 5pm-9.30pm
Tuesday: 12pm-4.30pm (free entry) 5pm-9.30pm (£5 advance ticket)
Wednesday: 12pm-4.30pm (free entry) 5pm-9.30pm (£5 advance ticket)
Thursday: 12pm-4.30pm (free entry) 5pm-9.30pm (£5 advance ticket)
Friday: 12pm-4.30pm (free entry) 5pm-9.30pm (£5 advance ticket)
Saturday: 12pm-4.30pm (£5 advance ticket) 5pm-9.30pm (£5 advance ticket)
Sunday: 12pm-6pm (£5 advance ticket)

The Cockail Village
From The Cockail Village 2016. (Picture: Bjørn Christian Finbråten)


Why you should attend The Cocktail Village

For the third year, Old Spitalfields Market will be filled with cocktail bars and food vendors. This is your chance, not only to get the £6 signature cocktails and food but also to sample new products and talk to the people behind the counter. Here you will meet passionate producers and brand ambassadors, first class bar tenders, and other cocktail aficionados.

Last year, I met a ton of interesting people and tasted, among other things, the Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin during Sipsmiths Gin Sipping Masterclass.  Read my summary of London Cocktail Week 2016.


What else to expect during London Cocktail Week 2017

With thousand of people attending London Cocktail Week, there is a lot going on. There will be masterclasses, distillery tours, and parties all over London.

When in London, I would highly recommend a visit to Dukes Hotel for a truly unique cocktail experience. More information about London Cocktail Week 2017 can be found at




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