It is safe to say that i used to love Mulberry. It started 12-15 years ago with the iconic croc-print wallet. Now it is just not worth it anymore. Mont Blanc Meisterstück briefcase

Goodbye Mulberry

Have you ever found yourself really liking a particular brand of products, only to see it change into something you dislike? Then this story will be familiar.

My love for Mulberry

It is safe to say that I used to love Mulberry. It started 12-15 years ago with the iconic croc-print wallet. I really liked this signature design. It was not flashy, but at the same time easy to recognize for people familiar with the brand. I soon bought a briefcase, a passport cover and a couple of key rings in the same design.

Back in 2014, the handle on my briefcase gave in. The fact that I had been using this briefcase for 10 years says something about the quality. After a brief check, I decided to go to my local Mulberry dealership. They told me that they would have to ship it to London to get it fixed. After two weeks it was safely back in my hands. In the meantime, I had started to look for a new briefcase, knowing that my beloved Mulberry was nearing end-of-life.

Finding an alternative

A lot had changed at Mulberry since I fell in love with the brand more than 12 years ago. I visited a couple of Mulberry stores and did not find anything with my name on it. Their current line of goods is much plainer, and the prices have almost tripled. I started to check other brands, and it was not long before I had my eyes on Mont Blanc. This is an old Swiss company with a long tradition in making quality goods. In my search for a new watch, see Choosing the right watch, I considered some of their products.

Mont Blanc is not a new brand for me. For the last 10 years or so, I always carry a Starwalker ballpoint pen. This is a beautiful writing instrument and a pleasure to use. I also have a Meisterstück Portfolio

Mont Blanc Meisterstück single gusset briefcase
Mont Blanc Meisterstück single gusset briefcase

document case. I really wanted something that could substitute the Mulberry case I like so much. Searching online I soon found the Mont Blanc Meisterstück briefcase. After visiting a store, I finally decided to buy. The elegant finishing combined with the solid chrome polished lock and buckles give you a feeling of sophistication without being too flashy.

I have been using the Mont Blanc Meisterstück briefcase for about 6 months now. Twice I have been asked by people where they can buy such a briefcase. I am very satisfied with both the craftsmanship and the overall design. I find that the leather scratches more easily than on my old Mulberry, so I have to be a bit more careful. That is the only negative issue so far.

The feeling of value for money when choosing Mont Blanc, combined with the solid design, makes me think that there will be a long time before I will visit a Mulberry store.

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