World Gin Day 2017

World Gin Day 2017 – a day to meet fellow ginthusiasts

We are getting close to an important day for every gin connoisseur: World Gin Day 2017. This is the day to find a local gin event to learn about- and enjoy gin, and meet other ginthusiasts.


When is Word Gin Day 2017

World Gin Day always falls on the second Saturday of June. This year, it means June 10.

World Gin Day was first celebrated in 2009. The blogger Neil Houston, known as YetAnotherGin, was the one who took the initiative. Today, when World Gin Day is happening for the ninth time, Emma Stokes from GinMonkey is carrying the torch.


What to do on World Gin Day 2017

World Gin Day is your chance to join a local gin event. Depending on the location, you might find stands with both local and international gin producers. Local bars and vendors are often also taking part in these events.

“The idea is simple: get people together all around the world with a legitimate excuse to drink some gin, whether it’s in a cocktail, G&T or straight.”

Most places, a number of gin tastings is included in the entrance fee. There are lectures being held, some are free, others you have to pay for.


Where is the closest World Gin Day 2017 event

It turns out that, despite the fact that there are a lot of local events going on all over the world, it’s not easy to find information online. Below I have gathered some links from the countries with most readers of this blog. For a more complete list, visit

To find out what is going on, follow the #WorldGinDay hashtag on Twitter.


Let the Gin Begin, Melbourne
More information

Junipaloozam, Melbourne
More information


World Gin Day Festival, Odense
More information



House Party at Beefeater, London
More information

Junipalooza, London
More information

Fever-Tree Ultimate G&T Bar, London
More information

Picture: Fewer Tree

Gin Festival, Newcastle
More information

There is a lot more going on in the UK. See and



World Gin Day at Kapitel 21, Berlin
More information

Hanse Spirit Gin Festival, Hamburg
More information


Oslo Gin Festival, Oslo
More information
Read my blog post from last year’s event: Oslo Gin Festival 2016.


Scottish Juniper Festival, Edinburgh
More information

World Gin Day


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