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Why buying new gadgets is good for you

Did you know that buying new gadgets can make you smarter, more productive and even more creative? Here is why.

We have all been there: You buy this new gadget thinking that it’s going to improve your life in some way. At least, that is what you told your significant other when you came home from yet another trip to the electronics store, hardware store, or sports store.

Well, it turns out that it may be true, but not in the way you were thinking when you justified buying a new cell phone when the one you had was less than a year old.


It makes whatever you have to do more fun

I’m the first person to admit that I love using good tools. This can be anything from a new laser level or a nice big computer monitor to an app on my phone. Doing what you have to do is so much easier when the tools you are using brings a smile to your face.

buying new gadgets
Buying new gadgets can boost your creativity. (Picture: Stocksnap)


Buying new gadgets makes you more productive

Buying a faster computer will make you more productive. That is if you utilize the time and or processing power to your advantage.

There is a lot of data suggesting that adding a second monitor can improve productivity. A study by the University of Utah suggests that adding a second monitor can save up to 40 minutes per week, and at the same time, reduce the number of errors. According to New York Times, a second monitor can boost productivity by 20 to 30 percent. Personally, I use three monitors and can confirm increased productivity and a drop in the number of errors.

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If you have something nice, you will use it more

The Mont Blanc StarWalker-Doué ballpoint pen. (Picture: Mont Blanc)

If you have something that you really like, you are more inclined to use it. The first time I noticed this was after buying a high-end leather cover for my Filofax in the -90’s.

I carried it around more and would leave it open on my desk more than I did before. Thus, I got more done because I checked my to-do list more frequently.

After I moved on to digital calendars I still took notes by hand. I tried a few notebooks before ending up with a Moleskine. In the meantime, I had acquired a Mont Blanc StarWalker ballpoint pen. These two items were a beautiful combination that encouraged me to take more notes.


You will learn something new.

The ScanSnap iX500 wireless desktop scanner. (Picture: ScanSnap)

I have a combined laser printer and flatbed scanner. (A HP LaserJet 100 MFP M175mw) Recently, I bought a ScanSnap iX500 scanner. Not only do I scan more papers because it is easier to use, I had to learn how to set it up and sync it with my Google Drive and my cell phone.

With this new setup, my plan is to go paperless from 2018, something I would not be able to without significantly more struggle if I was not renewing my scanning equipment.

The process of going paperless has forced me to learn how to do this in the best possible way. Because the scanner looks nice, it has also got a more prominent place in the office, making it even easier to remember to use.


Buying new gadgets gets your creativity flowing

How can I use this? What can I do faster with that? How does this fit in with my existing workflow? Can I use my old gadget for something new? These type of questions really makes you think.

My first tab, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, is still in use. Now it’s place are in the bar, where I use it for drink recipes.


It can improve your health

Buying a step counter made me move more and made me more willing to walk instead of driving. In my striving to get more than 10.000 steps per day, I find myself tidying up more at home than I used to do before.

Upgrading to a step counter with a heart-rate monitor made me more conscious about my own health. It also made me push myself harder during workouts.


Maybe it even can make your life better

Maybe, just maybe, it can even improve your life the way you told your significant other. If not, and if you do not find any alternative ways to use it, in most cases you have 30 days free return.




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