About Dandy With Lens

Who is the dandy with a lens?

Bjørn Christian Finbråten
Bjørn Christian Finbråten (Picture: Bjørn Christian Finbråten)

My name is Bjørn Christian Finbråten. I’m living just outside Oslo, the capital of Norway, together with my wife and a Bengal cat named Condi.

In my day job, I work with IT management in a more than 150-year-old company with 15.000 employees.

Much of my spare time is spent pursuing the various topics covered in this blog.  I’m continuously playing around with gadgets. I love to experiment with both productivity and gin, however seldom at the same time, as these two elements tend to counter each other.

I’m currently heading the world’s largest GTD Meetup, Oslo GTD Gathering, with more than 700 members.
I have been using GTD since 2010 and have attended the following GTD courses.

  • Level 1: Fundamentals
  • Making it all Work with David Allen
  • Level 2: Projects & Priorities

I have a passion for productivity and quality.
My personal mission statement is: “Delivering lasting improvements.”
This reflects how I work and what I surround myself with.

Google has this to say about the definition of a dandy:

Google's definition of a Dandy
Google’s definition of a Dandy (Picture: Screenshot from google.com)


Why this blog?

In this blog, I’m trying to unite my passion for photography, productivity and sartorial splendor with my love for cocktails and gadgets. Please enjoy.

More information can be found on my Start page.

If you find that my use of the English language is not entirely correct, this is because English is not my native language. Please accept my apologies.

You can reach me at bcf(at)dandywithlens.com


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