Be a man – wear a hat

When and why you should wear a hat. From the wide brimmed fedora to the light weight Panama hat, there is no other accessory that does so much for the total impression.

Besides covering a man’s head, a hat also is a practical accessory. But above all, a hat is a statement. A man wearing a hat is a confident man.


Why you should wear a hat

There is no other accessory that does so much for the total impression as a hat. Any man wearing a hat appropriate to the rest of his attire will give a more complete and confident impression.

Depending on the design and material, a hat can keep you cool in the summer or warm in the winter. A hat will also keep you dry in the rain. For how long, is dependent on the material.

Traveling with a hat is never a problem. When flying, I place my hat on the corner of my carry-on suitcase in the overhead compartment. In the event that the plane is cramped with luggage, I have never had any trouble when asking the flight attendant to find a space for my hat up front. They will always return my hat with a smile when I leave the plane.


Classic hat types

How to wear a hat
Hat number two (blue) is a fedora. Number three (gray) is a trilby. (Picture: Pixabay)


The fedora is a wide brimmed hat. It is usually made from wool, rabbit or beaver felt, cotton, or linen. This is the hat used for the Dandy With Lense logo. The fedoras origin can be traced back to 1891. Some versions are rollable, making it a perfect travel accessory. In the 1930s, the fedora became associated with gangsters. Its popularity fell in the 1960s. The fedora gained popularity in the 1980s, after being used in the Indiana Jones movies. Famous fedora wearers include Jonny Depp, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Jackson. The fedora is also worn by women.


The trilby is smaller than the fedora, with a shorter crown and a narrower brim. The trilby is slightly less formal that the fedora. A trilby is made from felt, tweed, or straw. The name trilby comes from an 1894 novel by the same name.


This is the ultimate summer hat. This is a wide brimmed straw hat that can be combined with almost any type of attire. The Panama hat is a true icon, its origin can be traced back to Ecuador in the mid-1600s. The modern name, Panama hat, stems from when the hat was used by the workers digging the Panama canal in 1904 to1914. The US president Theodore Roosevelt made the hat popular in the United States after bringing one back from Panama in 1906. In 2012, the Panama hat was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

How to wear a hat
The Panama hat is a timeless classic. (Picture: Pixabay)


When not to wear a hat

It is perfectly fine to wear a hat outdoors, in public buildings, in shops, and in elevators as well as when using public transportation.

However, you should not wear a hat when eating, drinking, or visiting someone’s home. Hats should also be removed when visiting a church, courthouse, or town hall. Make sure to take your hat off when the national anthem is played.



My first hat was a dark blue Borsalino. After a time, I got myself a brown rollable Borsalino as well. The Borsalino factory was founded by Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857. With a production time up to seven weeks, a Borsalino hat is a trademark of tradition and craftsmanship.

Wear a hat
A Borsalino store in Milano, Italy. (Picture: Bigstock)


How to find your first hat

Start with finding a hat store. By hat store, I don’t mean a store with a few hats in the corner. Find a dedicated hat store. Ideally, choose one that has been in business for a while with a seasoned staff that will tell you the truth, not just tell you what you want to hear in order to sell one more hat.

Make sure that you wear the same type of attire that you are going to use when wearing your hat. It is important to give the staff the correct impression of your style.

The legendary Lock & Co Hatters in London is a unique place. They have been selling hats since 1747. On their web page, you can find some useful information on hat sizes: Another store I can recommend in London is Bates Hats. If you are in Seattle, WA, Byrnie Utz Hats is the store that sold me my first Borsalino after giving me some excellent advice.

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