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12 reasons why you should get Todoist Premium

If you are doing GTD, there is really no way you can do without Todoist Premium. Even if you don’t, location-based reminders, task comments, and file uploads, and projects templates are features that are worth the cost.

Is Todoist Premium worth the money?

Yes. Todoist Premium cost €32/$29 per year. What you get in return is worth much more. Check out the below list.

1. Task Labels & Reminders
Labels are a key element in the GTD setup. I use them for contexts. This alone has a big impact on my productivity. Reminders are rarely used. However, used with caution it can be a nice feature.

2. Location-based Reminders
This is a feature that makes me smile every time I use it. When I arrive at the cabin I’m automatically reminded of what I should remember to bring back home. Want to be totally sure to remember to buy cat food? Set up a reminder when you leave work and another when you are close to the exit to the shopping center.

Todoist premium
One of the perks of Todoist Premium is location-based reminders. (Picture: Todoist)

3. Add tasks via email
Even if I don’t use this myself, I see that this can be handy. Without having to open Todoist, you can add emails as tasks to your to-do list by forwarding them to a unique email address. Todoist also has integration with Outlook, Gmail, and Thunderbird.

4. Task comments & file uploads
To be honest, I do not see how people can live without this. Comments and file uploads make you able to gather all the information that you need to get the task done in one place. You can add emails from Outlook, using the Outlook add-in.

5. Automatic backups
If you are going to literally put your whole life into a system, having a reliable backup should be self-evident.

6. Productivity tracking and charts
By using Todoist karma, you can earn Karma points by completing tasks. This works! Having the possibility to track your productivity performance can be a motivational booster. It’s so easy to forget all the stuff you got done last week.

Todoist Karma

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7. iCal synchronization
If you like having your tasks in your calendar, this will enable just that. Tasks with a due date only will show up as all-day events. Tasks with a due date and time will show up as one-hour blocks in your calendar. For Google Calendar, Todoist offers real-time, 2-way integration. More information can be found here.

8. Project templates
Templates are a great way to be able to recreate or duplicate projects. It is also possible to share templates with other Todoist users.

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With Todoist Premium, you can download my GTD Weekly review template and my Todoist Packing list template.


9. More active projects
In the free version of Todoist, you can have 80 active projects. If you think this sounds lazy, you get 200 active projects with Todoist Premium.

10. Involve more people
The Basic version of Todoist has a limit of 5 people that you can delegate tasks to. In the Premium version, this number is 25. It this still is not enough, the Business account doubles this to 50 people.

11. Get more colors to group your projects
Using different shades of the same color is a great way to differentiate sub-projects from parent projects. Free users have 10 different colors. Premium users have 22.

12. Support a great product
It’s easy to take free software for granted. However, at some time all software companies have to leave mom’s basement. To me, it’s only natural to give something back to people who make a product that I really enjoy.

Want to sign up for Todoist Premium?
In that case, I would appreciate if you use the below link. If you do that, I get two months Todoist Premium added to my account – with no extra cost for you. Thanks!

Sign up for Todoist Premium here

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