Todoist Karma

Todoist Karma – A step counter for your productivity

The best way to explain the concept of Todoist Karma is to compare it with a step counter. Karma works because it enforces the use of Todoist as your productivity system and motivates you to complete tasks.

Todoist Karma is a feature in Todoist that I did not pay attention to when I first signed up and started testing the Todoist system. The best way to explain the concept of Todoist Karma is to compare it with a step counter. In the same way that my Fitbit counts my steps, the Karma function in Todoist will count my completed tasks and other activities. Just like with my Fitbit, I can set daily targets and get weekly reports.

Todoist Karma
The definition of karma. (Picture: Wikipedia)


Todoist Karma levels

As you start to earn karma, you will reach different levels. There are currently eight Todoist Karma levels:

  • Beginner: 0-499
  • Novice: 500-2499
  • Intermediate: 2500-4999
  • Professional: 5000-7499
  • Expert: 7500-9999
  • Master: 10.000-19.999
  • Grandmaster: 20.000–49.999
  • Enlightened: + 50.000


Earning and losing karma

Todoist Karma

You earn karma when you:

  • Add tasks
  • Complete tasks on time
  • Reach your daily and weekly targets
  • Keep reaching your daily and weekly targets for several days and weeks in a row

You lose Karma if you have tasks that are two or more days overdue.

If you go on vacation, you have the option to turn your karma tracking off, so that you do not lose karma points due to inactivity or missed goals.


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Why karma works

First of all, if you are the least bit competitive, you don’t want to ruin your streaks or loose your karma level. If you are smart, you set your daily and weekly target just high enough to make it possible to reach with some effort. This will then make you want to add, and later complete, tasks in Todoist. In short, it enforces the “One trusted system” concept that David Allen talks about in the book Getting Things Done – The art of stress-free productivity.

Personally, I find that karma helps me focus on reaching my daily target, hence making me more productive. Call it a trick or a game; it does work. Every time you reach a new level, you get nice email and a notification in Todoist. This is, of course, a perfect excuse to post on Facebook or Twitter – showing the world how productive you are.

To view your karma statistics, and edit karma settings and goals, click on the karma symbol in the upper right corner in Todoist. More information about Todoist Karma can be found here.

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