23 things you should keep stored in Evernote to simplify your life

Evernote is a fantastic tool for keeping information. Here is a list of things you should keep stored in Evernote to make life easier.

1. Car plate number

Having your car plate number stored in Evernote can save you for a lot of trips outside when delivering the car for service or booking ferry tickets. I also keep the information like model and year in the same note. If you have a trailer, make a separate note with the same type of information.

2. Tire dimensions

When ordering new tires, I seem never to remember the dimensions. Having this stored in Evernote has saved me a lot of frustration.

3. Your phones IMEI number

This is essentially the registration number for your phone. Putting this in Evernote is useful if you need to unlock your phone or if your phone gets lost or stolen.

4. Clothing sizes

Having my clothing sizes stored in Evernote is my favorite example of how to make life more convenient using Evernote. My jeans size in inches, my suit size in both European and American sizes, my shirt size. It’s all in the same note.

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5. Shoe sizes

In the same way as for clothing sizes, having your shoe sizes in both EU, UK, and US formats makes it so convenient to go shopping when I’m traveling.

6. Instruction manuals

In most cases, you can download any instruction manuals in PDF format. If you store the files in Evernote, the text is searchable. This makes it super easy to find what you are looking for.

7. Software license codes

Evernote is the perfect place for storing software license numbers. Take pictures of labels with license numbers. Save emails to Evernote. Get all license codes in one place. Bonus: Having these long codes stored in Evernote make it possible to copy/paste into the software you are installing.

8. Medication

If you are using medication regularly., keeping a list of these stored in Evernote can literally be a life-saver.

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9. Your membership numbers

Tired of lugging around on a bunch of plastic cards? Type it all into Evernote.

10. Research material

Parts of this blog post is made based on information I found online and stored in Evernote before sitting down to write the post.

11. Reference information

Evernote can be used as a digital filing cabinet. Receipts, tax papers, insurance documents. If you can scan it or photograph it, it can be stored in Evernote.

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12. Clothing sizes for your partner

Want to impress your significant other? “Remember” the clothing sizes with the help of Evernote.

13. Information about your pet

Birthdate, vaccinations, chip number, insurance info. It all goes into Evernote

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14. Offline reading

I keep a lot of stuff I want to read in an offline Evernote notebook. By doing this I’m able to read even if I’m without an internet connection.

15. Keep an appraisal journal

Keeping an appraisal journal – a journal where you note down all major achievements and positive feedback, can make a significant positive impact on your life.

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16. Use a note (or notebook) to prepare for a meeting

Add emails, notes, images, and files so that you have them ready for your next meeting. With the Evernote Outlook add-in, you can easily save emails directly to Evernote.

17. Minutes of meetings

Evernote is a very good place to store notes from meetings. Sharing with participants is easy.

18. Make a checklist

In Evernote, you can easily create checklists with checkboxes.

19. Favorite quotes

I store my favorite quotes in Evernote, this makes it easy to find them when I want to use one in a presentation, speech or blog post.

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20. Store content from the web using Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper is a super browser extension that lets you save a web page, parts of a web page, or selected text directly to Evernote.

21. Highlights from your Kindle books

You can find your notes and highlights from your Kindle at this page: https://read.amazon.com/notebook If you copy and paste this into Evernote, the information is searchable and much easier to find.

22. Your kids’ clothing sizes and shoe sizes

If you have kids, or grandkids, keep their sizes in a shared note. By doing this, everyone you share with will not only have access to the information but can update the sizes as the kids grow.

23. A list of your power tools

I keep a list of my power tools and similar things in Evernote. If I need a new battery for my cordless drill, a chain for my chainsaw, or knives for my lawnmower, I find all the information I need in one place.

Is it anything that should not be stored in Evernote?

In general, you should consider the possible consequences before storing any information any place, this is especially important when using cloud-based services. I would not recommend having credit card information, passwords or business-critical information stored in Evernote.

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A piece of advice

There are many different ways to set up Evernote, you can use tags and notebooks, or just throw the information into one notebook (not recommended).

Most of us use services like Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive in addition to Evernote. The most important thing is to know where you store what kind of information. This will reduce the number of places to look.

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