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Blogs and social media accounts to follow for productive inspiration

All of us can from time to time need some productive inspiration. Productivity is a personal thing. What suits you might not work for me. At the same time, learning how other people are tackling challenges might give you some productive inspiration on how to make your day a little bit better.

Discussion forums are, in my opinion, underrated. Personally, I find a lot of help and inspiration in Facebook groups and on Reddit. Below, I have gathered a few of my favorite blogs and social media accounts.


Blogs to follow for productive inspiration

43 Folders
The discontinued blog of Merlin Mann, the man behind the tickler file and Inbox Zero. Even if some of this info is old, it is still very much valid.

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Inbox Zero – what is it?

Inbox Zero is a methodology for keeping your email inbox empty, or close to empty, at all times. It is ...
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Ambition & Balance
The blog from Doist, the people behind Todoist.

Asian Efficiency
A fantastically good source of productivity related information.

Beyond the todo list
The homepage of a very good podcast.

Garland Vance
A blog about leadership and productivity.

GTD Times
The official blog of the David Allen Company.

Next Action Associates
A blog by the British GTD franchisee.


Facebook pages to follow for productive inspiration

By participating in groups and liking pages, you can fill your feed with both inspirational and useful information.

Getting Things Done
GTD news and inspiration – directly from the source.

Keep Productive Community
About all things related to productivity.

Tools for Getting Things Done
This is what used to be the Iqtell user group, now it’s about productivity and GTD.


Instagram accounts to follow for productive inspiration

Instagram is not the place that is most widely used in the productivity community. Yet, some accounts are worth following.

GTD Asia @gtdasia
The Instagram account of the GTD franchiser for Greater China.

David Allen @dallen45
The guy behind Getting Things Done.

Entrepreneur Magazine
A great place for inspiration and learning.

Richard Branson
Serial entrepreneur with no further need for introduction.

Zig Ziglar

productive inspiration
Social media is a great place to get productive inspiration. (Picture: Pixabay.)


Twitter accounts to follow for productive inspiration

Twitter is where you will find the most people to follow for some productive inspiration.

Did you know that you can follow Twitter lists? Try following my Productivity list:

Asian Efficiency @asianefficiency
Podcast, blog, training in GTD and beyond.

Carl Pullein @carl_pullein
Tons of information about GTD, productivity, and Todoist.

Craig Jarrow @TMNinja
Founder of Time Management Ninja.

Dandy With Lens @dandywl
If you are not already following this awesome blog on Twitter, it’s time to get started.

Evernote @evernote
The company behind the software by the same name.

Francesco D’Alessio @FrancescoD_Ales
All about productivity on Youtube.

Julie Morgenstern @JulieMorgenstrn
Best selling author and productivity expert.

Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt
Author, mentor, and productivity podcaster

OneNote Central @OneNoteC
Independent curation of Microsoft OneNote tips, news, and resources.

Organize Life Hacks @OrganizeHacks
Life hacks, life tips, and information to help you organize your life.

Productivityist @Productivityist
Productivity in all its flavors.

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Productive inspiration on Pinterest

On Pinterest, you find millions of productivity related pins. Instead of recommending who to follow, I’ll recommend you to make your own productive inspiration board and start re-pinning what you like.

This is my Productivity board on Pinterest:




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