One year anniversary

Dandy With Lens has its first anniversary! This has been an inspiring year. Here is what will happen in the future.

I know this is my second blog post this week. That’s because this week is special: One year has passed since I launched this blog. What was originally meant to be a photo-blog with the occasional post about other things has become the exact opposite. What a ride!


Why I started blogging

I started this blog because I love to write and because I wanted to explore blogging and learn about blogging, WordPress, social media and all the things involved in order to have a successful blog.

As with everything else, you start off thinking that this cannot be that hard. Well, blogging is hard work, and I soon realized that I had to limit myself to one post per week. Taking into account that I try to limit my time on this project, I think I have managed pretty well.



The future

Originally, I gave myself one year. About halfway in, I started fearing that I would run out of things to write about. Then something happened. I started to get into the flow. Now, new ideas are forming in about the same rate as I publish the blog posts.

During this year I have met new people and made new experiences that have given me a lot.  The feedback I have received has been fantastically inspiring.

I have been expanding the blog. The latest expansion is the concept I call FOCUS pages. This is pages where I focus on a certain topic and list all related blog posts in logical order. The first FOCUS page is Getting started with Getting Things Done.

I have just moved the blog to a faster and better provider and are working on a number of small improvements.

By now it should be apparent that I plan to continue blogging. I will continue posting every Monday, covering the same subjects as I have been in the past year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have liked, shared and commented on my work. It really means a lot. Thank you!







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