Norwegian gin blog

I’m starting a Norwegian gin blog

Togheter with my vife, I have just started a Norwegian gin blog. This blog will be written in Norwegian. Sorry, all my English speaking readers!

When I first started the blog you are reading now it was supposed to be a photography blog with an occasional post about my other interest. It quickly became the opposite.
It has been a time filled with a lot of joy and learning, but also some frustrations. Almost three years later, it’s time to move on.

Why start a Norwegian gin blog?

Before we launched Alt om Gin (means All about Gin), on February 1st, there were no Norwegian gin blogs out there. We think that the market is ripe, and decided to go for it. We plan to have a few updates every week. Shorter articles, news, cocktail recipes, and reviews.

What about this blog?

I will scale back on updates on this blog. My plan is to write a blog post every now and then about productivity, Getting Things Done, or Todoist.

All about gin on

You can find Norways first gin blog on, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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