Newton email is shutting down

Newton Email is shutting down – Here are the alternatives

Newton email is shutting down from September 25th. In this blog post, I have put together an overview of alternative solutions for people using Newton to integrate with Todoist.


Newton Email is shutting down

In a blog post dated August 7th, the founder of Newton Email, Rohit Nadhani, informed that Newton Email would be shutting down on September 25th, 2018. The competition from free email apps is hard. It seems like over 40,000 paid subscribers were not enough to keep the business floating.

To me, this was a Déjà vu from the IQTell shutdown. IQTell tried to be both Todoist and Newton Email at the same time. Since Todoist is rock solid, the fact that Newton Email is shutting down is not a major issue for me, but it’s both frustrating and sad and will have an impact on my email workflow.

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Alternatives for Newton Email

Cross-platform alternatives

Bear in mind that, as long as you have a paid Todoist account, you can forward emails to any project in Todoist from any email service.

The other alternative is Gmail. Todoist has an add-in for Gmail. Please note that this is only for the web version of Gmail, not the Android or iOS apps.


iOS and Mac

The people using iPhones and Mac’s already have a few alternatives. Todoist supports integration with AirmailDispatch,  Mailplane, and Spark.



Newton email is shutting down
Picture: Todoist

Todoist Outlook add-in

First and foremost, you should take a look at the Todoist Outlook add-in. This is a solid piece of software that lets you add an email as a task or add one or more emails as task comments. The emails in Todoist are linked to the emails in Outlook so that you can open the original email from Todoist.

I have been using this add-in for a long time, and can fully recommend it.


Picture: Mailbird


Your other alternative is Mailbird.  I tested Mailbird a couple of years ago. Being a life-long Outlook user, I never got comfortable with the design and functionality. Please note that Mailbird does not have an app, so for email on the go you have to look elsewhere.



This is where we run into problems now that Newton email is shutting down. As earlier noted, you can forward an email to Todoist from any email app. If you want more than that, your options, at least to my knowledge, is close to zero.


Picture: NineFolders Inc

Nine Email

Platform: Android, iOS
Developer: 9Folders inc
Founded: 2014

Even if it lacks a true integration to Todoist, I find that by using the share function you can share an email as a task or as a comment in Todoist. It also has the all-in-one inbox functionality.

Key features:

  • Cross-platform
  • Share function
  • Tablet view
  • Supports Samsung DeX
  • Calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes synchronization
  • 14 day trial with full functionality
  • US $14.99 after the trial period


Picture: MobiSystems


Platform: Android
Developer: MobiSystems
Founded: 2010

In the same way as with Nine Email, you can share emails to Todoist. In addition, you have the possibility to copy the message text, something that I think some people might find useful. AquaMail has a massive amount of settings that allows you to customize how the app functions and the different views.

Key features:

  • Share function
  • Copy text function
  • Highly customizable
  • US $12.99 for more than two email accounts + no ads.


Picture: Readdle


Readdle, the company behind Spark Email, makes a lot of great iOS and Mac apps. According to Phandroid, the will launch an Android version of Spark in 2018.


Picture: Microsoft inc

Outlook for Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android has no integration with Todoist. The only reason I mention this is because of the all-in-one inbox functionality. This makes it easier to achieve Inbox Zero. It should be noted that since your only option is to forward emails to Todoist, you cannot save an email as a comment to an existing task in Todoist.



After having tried Outlook, Nine Email, and AquaMail for a few days, the conclusion is as follows:

  • On Windows, start using Outlook.
  • On Android, If you want the most options, go for AquaMail.
  • If all you need on the Android platform is the Share function, go for Nine Email.
  • If you are comfortable with just forwarding email to Todoist, and sick of changing email apps, go for Outlook for Android.

Personally, I settled for Nine Email. Their tablet view and the support for Samsung DeX did it for me. The functionality with regards to Todoist integration is very limited, but it’s the only alternative on Android since Newton Email is shutting down.


I’m eager to hear if anybody has found better alternatives for Todoist email integration on Android. If you have, please use the comment section below.







  1. I was truly saddened to hear Newton was going out of business. I had it linked with Todoist, Salesforce and Evernote and it worked seamlessly. I have been testing email options for my Pixel 2 and decided that Newton should sell some if it’s IP to Google to integrate into Gmail! I’ve tried about 9 different email apps and decided that Outlook would be my choice if they could get the Google calendar sync problems fixed. I also like Blue Mail better than Aqua Mail from an interface standpoint.
    For now I’m sticking with Gmail until an app with better true integrations to Todoist, etc. comes along.

    1. Hi Bill,
      I totally agree that you cannot replace the smooth functionality in Newton with the current alternatives. Hopefully, Spark will see the gap in the Android market and deliver something that could be a replacement.
      Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. The thing that makes Todoist for Outlook not a true replacement for Newton, is that if you’re out of the office using an iOS device, you cannot open your emails from within Todoist. I may create a task “Read, Digest, and Respond to this email”. With Newton, I could open the email in Newton from Todoist, and actually reply back to the original sender, all from my iPhone. That was soo nice . . . .

  3. Hi Bjorn, just to make sure: is there a reason why don’t considered Gmail as a (windows) alternative? It also has todoist integration, afaik?
    As side note, what I miss in Outlook is the possibility to keep its Contacts ALWAYS synced with my Google address book… Any hints on how to solve that?

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