Contrasting shoe laces

Make your shoe laces stand out

According to the movie Back to the Future, we should all be walking around in shoes with automatic lacing now. As we all know, the future is hard to predict. Clearly, shoe laces are going to be around for a while.

Below you will find some inspiration on how to use contrasting colors as well as a great guide in creative ways to lace your shoes.

Nike has just launched the first pair of self-lacing shoes. They call it adaptive lacing. Personally, I think that it will take time before this is acceptable on a gentleman. Until that time let us take advantage of the possibility to play with colors.

Nike Adaptive lacing (Picture: Nike)
Nike Adaptive lacing (Picture: Nike)


The history of shoe laces

The oldest indication of the use of shoe laces dates back to about 3500 BC. Eyelets and hooks have been around since the year 1200. Some records date the modern cotton string we use today to London in 1790.

Add some color

When you have a well-fitted suit, a pair of nice shoes, a crisp shirt, and a pocket square in contrasting colors, there is not much left to improve. Contrasting shoe laces is an easy way to add some flair to your shoes. It is yet another detail to make you stand out in the crowd. I found mine at Amazon. You can buy single-color Shoelaces 2 Pair Pack for $6.99 or a pack of assorted Round Waxed Shoelaces (Ten Pair) for $9.99.

To get some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board below.

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How to lace your shoes

You can also experiment with how you lace your shoes. This is the most complete instructions I have found on how to properly lace your dress shoes:

How to lace dress shoes
How to lace dress shoes (Image:


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