How to shave your face correctly

How to shave your face correctly

How to shave your face correctly? Doesn’t every man know this? The difference between shaving and shaving correctly is all about the tools and the details – and comfort.


The history of shaving

Men have been shaving since the bronze age. In prehistoric times clam shells, shark teeth, and flint were sharpened and used for shaving.

how to shave your face correctly
Gilette Safety Razor patent drawing (Picture: Wikipedia)

The patent for the safety razor dates back to 1880. This design was almost unchanged until 1970 when Wilkinson released its “Bonded Shaving System”, which embedded a single blade in a disposable plastic cartridge.

The first disposable razor was introduced by the French company Bic in 1974.

In 1977 Gilette introduced a double blade cartridge. They claimed the two blades to give a closer shave than a single blade, because of a hysteresis effect.

Sadly, most of the razor market is a duopoly between the American company Gilette, now owned by Procter & Gamble, and the British company Wilkinson Sword. I’m not saying that this is bad products. I just think that some more competition would be healthy.


The tools you need for shaving

The most important tool is your razor. I will not recommend any particular brand or type since this is a matter of personal preference and accessibility. Choose one that works for your beard and skin.

Shaving foam or gel
You need something to reduce the friction between the razor blade and your skin. Personally, I prefer shaving gel. I think this provides the best glide.

Shaving brush
This is something that, in my view, is a must-have. A shaving brush gently lifts your beard from your skin. If you use your fingers to apply shaving foam or gel, you will easily end up pushing the beard flat against your skin. Another advantage of using a shaving brush is that it makes it easier to reapply shaving gel during your shave.

How to shave your face correctly
Shaving brush from Taylor of Old Bond Street, London (Picture: Taylor of Old Bond Street)


Optional stuff

Razor Pit
This is a great invention that triples the lifespan of your razor blades. It’s simple to use and doubles as a “docking station” for your razor.

How to shave your face correctly

Shaving brush stand
To make sure that your shaving brush dries completely after use, a dedicated stand is a practical item.

Styptic pen
A styptic pen will stop the bleeding immediately and kill bacteria.

If you like the feeling of luxury there are a lot of nice looking razor handles to be found.
Taylor of Old Bond Street in London is my favorite place for shaving accessories.

Gilette Mach3 Ivory Victorian handle (Picture: Taylor of Old Bond Street )


How to shave your face correctly

Don’t shave first thing in the morning. Give your skin some time to “wake up”. The perfect thing is to shave straight after showering.

  1. Make sure that you have a sharp razor blade and your shaving cream and brush ready.
  2. Start with making sure that your beard is thoroughly wet.
  3. Apply shaving cream.
  4. Start shaving the most sensitive areas first, this is the neck and below the jawbone.
  5. Rinse the blade in hot water after every 2-3 strokes.
  6. Move on to your face, make sure to shave with the grain of the hair.
  7. When you have shaved your face completely, reapply shaving cream.
  8. As before, start with the neck and below the jawbone. This time, shave against the grain of the hair.
  9. Move on to your face in the same fashion. Remember to rinse the blade after 2-3 strokes.
  10. When you have completed the shave, wash your face and neck with clean, warm water. Dry with a clean towel.
  11. When your skin is dry, apply a non-alcohol moisturizer.


Now, what?

Now that you have learned how to shave your face correctly, maybe you want to make your shaving routine even more manly. Take a look at the products from Six Shooter Shaving.


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