How to find the right glass for gin

How to find the right glass for gin

What’s the right glass for Gin and Tonic? Why are copa glasses so big? How to serve a Negroni? Relax! Here you will find all the answers.

Why picking the right glass for gin is important

Finding the right glass for gin, or any other drink for that matter is important. The shape of a glass has a lot do with your drinking experience. For a drink that should be cold, having a lot of room for ice is important. For a drink with a lot of aromas, a glass that captures those aromas is crucial.

The right glass for Gin and Tonic

First of all, you should ditch your highball glass. The highball glass used to be the standard for Gin & Tonic. Back then, your G&T used to be served in a glass with too little ice, too much tonic, and a lemon wedge. Served this way, a Gin and Tonic tasted like sour tonic with some cheap alcohol. The use of a straw was of little help with regards to the sophistication.

Luckily, the Spaniards have shown us how to solve all of these issues. Today, more and more people, from bartenders to gin aficionados, have started to serve Gin and Tonic’s made with passion, and filled with exciting fruits, herbs, and enough ice.

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Why the right glass for Gin and Tonic is a copa glass

A copa glass, sometimes called a balloon glass or goblet, is everything the highball glass is not.

  • The glass is big enough to hold a ton of ice. This keeps the drink cold without melting the ice. In other words; your drink does not get diluted.
  • The stem of the glass serves two functions; it enables you to hold the glass without warming the contents, and you keep your fingers warm and dry.
  • The shape of the glass enables you to enjoy the aroma of the drink and the visually appealing garnishes.

To sum up; the copa glass makes your G&T more enjoyable, and it makes the drink last longer.

Malagas best gin bars
The Copa de Balon glass is the perfect glass for Gin and Tonic. (Picture: Bjørn Christian Finbråten)

The copa glass dates back to the 1700s and has its origin in Spain, where it is called “Copa de Balon.”
If you don’t have a copa glass, use the biggest red wine glass you have.

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The right glass for a Negroni – The Tumbler

The tumbler glass also called a whiskey glass or rocks glass is the ideal glassware for a Negroni. It also works great for enjoying your gin on the rocks with or without garnish.

The Negroni. (Picture: Pixabay)

The right glass for a Dry Martini – The Cocktail glass

The cocktail glass, also known as a Martini glass, is the quintessential glass for enjoying a Dry Martini or a Gibson. This glass is the modern take on the Champagne coupe glass. The glass is elegant and puts both the liquid and the garnish on display.

Remember to chill the glass prior to serving, using cold water and ice cubes.

Dry Martini with olives is a classic. (Picture: Bigstock)
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The alternative cocktail glass – The Champagne coupe

The Champagne coupe, also known as Champagne bowl, can be used for a number of (gin based) cocktails. According to legend, the glass is modeled on Marie Antoinette’s breast. Some people find this glass easier to use than the Martini glass, especially if you serve a drink with ice.

The Champagne coupe. (Picture: Pixabay)

The right glass for a French 75 – The Flute

There is not much to say about this, except that any cocktail with bubbles, and I’m not talking about the bubbles from a tonic, should have a flute glass.

French 75 with lime
The French 75. (Picture: Pixabay)

The right glass for gin and nothing else – The tulip

What do you do if you have a gin so fantastic that you don’t want to add anything, not even ice? You pour the gin in a small tulip glass and let the glass rest at an angle in a small bowl of crushed ice.

The Tulip glass. (Picture: Wikipedia)


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