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All about emojis headings, and text formatting in Todoist ?

Here I have put together all there is to know about the use of emojis and text formatting in Todoist.  Bonus: I’ll even teach you how to create headings for grouping tasks.


Basic text formatting in Todoist

All basic text formatting in Todoist is done by using asterisks (*) If you want to combine these formattings it does not matter what you put first.

Bold **Bold**
Italic *Italic*
Bold and italic * **Bold and italic** * or ** *Bold and italic* **

Bold and italic text is supported in task names, project names, and comments.



Adding hyperlinks in Todoist

Hyperlinks are supported in task names, project names, label names, and task comments.
All links open in a new tab.

Really cool blog https://dandywithlens.com/ (Really cool blog)



Using emojis in Todoist

Emojis are supported in task names, project names, label names, and task comments.

Get Emoji has the highest number of emojis and a search function.
Emoji Cheat Sheet lets you copy the emoji just by clicking on it.

Emojis come in all forms and shapes, not only smileys. (Picture: Pixabay)


Are emojis really helpful in a tool like Todoist? My answer is yes. Here are a couple of ways you can use emojis.


  • ?Recurring projects
  • ?Follow-up items
  • ✔️Checklists
  • ?Packing list
  • ?Meeting
  • ?️Presentation
  • ?Time-sensitive stuff

GTD projects

  • ✅GTD Weekly Review
  • ✈️GTD Horizons of Focus

GTD contexts (Todoist labels)

  • ☎️Phone calls
  • ?Office
  • ?Phone
  • ?Follow-up
  • ?Work
  • ?Plane
  • ?Computer
  • ?Online
  • ⌨️Offline
  • ?‍?‍? Family
  • ?Home
  • ?Shopping


Getting Things Done book

Getting Things Done (GTD) – What is it?

Getting Things Done is a productivity methodology described in the book Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, ...
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Formatting comments in Todoist

In the comments, you have the possibility to reference code that otherwise would have been interpreted as i.e. formatting instructions.

Inline code

`insert code here`


Code blocks

“`insert code block here“`

Please note that the code formatting is for the comments only.



Creating headings or sections in your Todoist projects

Ever felt the need to group tasks without having to put them as sub-tasks? You can do that!

Heading with colon

My heading: My heading:
My heading * My heading





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