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My 15 best Todoist tips – Things you didn’t know was possible in Todoist

Todoist is a flexible tool with a lot of more or less hidden features. Here is a list of Todoist tips, possibly with a bunch of things you didn’t know was possible in Todoist.

Todoist tips no 1:  Group your tasks with a heading

Start the task name with an asterisk followed by a space. “* Meeting preparations” This will create a Todoist task without the usual circle in front of it.

Todoist tips no 2: Bookmark your list of completed tasks

Do you like to look at the list of completed tasks at the end of the day, or during your GTD weekly review? Add the link to your favorites/bookmarks in your browser. Here is the link:

Todoist tips no 3: Copy and paste images directly into a comment

Yes, it’s as simple as that just copy and paste a picture into a comment in Todoist.

(Picture: Todoist)


Todoist tips no 4: Work with multiple tasks

You can select multiple tasks by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key in Windows. By using the menu at the top, you can change projects, date and priority. From the More menu, you can also duplicate, archive, delete or change labels (contexts).

Todoist tips no 5: Use emojis

Here is an example of how I use emojis on the highest level in my projects. (Picture: Screen shot)

Todoist supports the use of emojis in project titles, task titles, task comments, and label titles.

Supported emojis can be found here:

Todoist tips no 6: Get good at using filters

Filters in Todoist is a powerful tool that can help you to both get an overview of the big picture, as well as to laser focus on what is important right now. Read my blog post to learn more.

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Todoist tips no 7: Add multiple tasks by using copy and paste

What is the easiest way to add multiple tasks to Todoist? Use a text editor.

  1. Start by making a list in your favorite text editor. It can be Word, TextPad, Evernote, or any other application.
  2. Make a list with each task on a separate line. Use hard return (Enter).
  3. Copy the text.
  4. Click + Add Task in Todoist. You then get a question, “Do you want to add X tasks?”
  5. Answer “Yes”. (If you answer “No” the text will be pasted as a continuous text in a single task.)

Todoist tips no 8: Make a heading with a colon

Create a task in Todoist followed by a “:”.  This will create a task without the usual circle in front of it, followed by a colon. This is also a great way to make a heading for a list of subtasks.

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Todoist tips no 9: Create location-based reminders

Want to be reminded of something when you arrive a work? No problem. In Todoist you can set up reminders that are triggered when you leave or when you enter a location. See for how to set this up on different platforms.

Todoist tips no 10: Use project comments

Project comments is a very useful way to provide high-level comments about a project. You’ll find the project comments icon to the right of the project name.

project comments
(Picture: Todoist.)

Todoist tips no 11: Make it easy to use a project as a template

Re-using a project is easy using the project templates function. One way to speed up this process is to add the web link to a project in the project comments of the same project. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open the project you want to use as a template.
  2. In the top-righthand corner, click on the project actions icon.
  3. Select “Export as a template”.
  4. Click on the button “Export as shareable URL”.
  5. Select “Copy link to clipboard” and close the dialogue box.
  6. Click on the project comments icon.
  7. Paste the link and Click “Add comment”.

Now, all you have to do to re-use this project is to click on the link in the project comments and choose which project to import into.

The above example is for the web version, for other platforms, see

Todoist tips no 12: Format text as bold or italic

Task titles, project titles, and comments can be formatted as bold, italic, or both. The formatting is done by using asterisks (*)

  • Italic: “* Text *” = Text
  • Bold: “** Text **” = Text
  • Italic and bold: “*** Text ***” = Text

Todoist tips no 13: Insert links

Todoist support the use of links in project titles, task titles, and task comments. To insert a link, use this format:

“ (The worlds best blog)” = The worlds best blog

Todoist tips no 14: Use keyboard shortcuts

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Todoist tips no 15: Insert code in comments

If you need to insert code in the comments text, this is the way to do it:

  • Inline code: ‘Insert code’
  • Code block: ”’Insert code”’

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