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The 25 best Android apps for organization, productivity, work, and travel

Here is a list of the best Android apps for organization, productivity, work, and travel. If you have an iPhone, there is no need to stop reading. I have included the iOS versions as well.

Finding the best apps can take a lot of time and effort. The list below is based on my seven years of experience using Android phones and tablets.

The best Android apps for productivity

1. Todoist (also for iOS and Wear)
Todoist is the hub of my productivity. In fact, I could say that it is the hub of my life. Todoist is a very flexible list manager. It runs on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and web. Todoist is suitable for everything from simple lists to complex projects. Todoist has a ton of integration and is also a very good GTD tool.

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2.Braintoss (also for iOS)
Braintoss is my go-to tool for getting things out of my head. You can send pictures, a text note or a sound recording to pre-configured email addresses.

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3. IFTTT (also for iOS)
IFTTT is short for If This Then That. It means that if something happens in one application, you can get something to happen in another application. Thanks to IFTTT, I get a notification about unanswered phone calls in my Todoist inbox.

4. PomoDone (also for iOS)
Heard about the Pomodoro method? If not, read the below blog post. PomoDone is a Pomodoro timer that integrates with Todoist.

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5. Evernote (also for iOS)
Evernote is the gold standard of note-taking. It works on all platforms, both online and offline. Take a look at how and what I store in Evernote in the below blog post.

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The best Android apps for organizing stuff

1. Pocket (also for iOS)
If you want to postpone reading a long article, then Pocket is your perfect companion. With Pocket, you can browse your saved content in a newspaper-like format. Perfect for your commute.

2. Vivino (also for iOS)
With Vivino, you never have to remember the name of that good vine you tasted. Snap a photo of the bottle, and you have all the information at your fingertips. You can also add your own notes.

3. Ginventory (also for iOS)
Ginventory is the gin enthusiasts answer to Vivino. Here, you will also get information about what tonics and garnishes that matches each gin.

4. Listonic (also for iOS and Wear)
This is the ultimate shopping list app. Listonic let you share lists with instant synchronization, meaning that my wife and I can move separately through the store, working on the same shopping list.

5. Memento Database
If you need a flexible small database that also works on Windows and syncs as soon as you are online, look no further.

The best Android apps for work

1. Office Remote (also for iOS)
With Office Remote, I can use my phone to run my PowerPoint presentations. I can easily see my notes and even point with a red dot on the slide using my finger.

2. Jotta Cloud (also for iOS)
Everyone will, sooner or later, wish that they had a real back-up. I have. Jotta Cloud is cheap, fast, and has unlimited storage. It does not get much better than that.

3. Google Drive (also for iOS)
Of all the synchronization services I have tried, Google Drive comes out as the best and quickest.

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4. Nine Email
I started to use Nine Email mainly because of the possibility to share emails as tasks or comments in Todoist. After having used it for a time, I start to appreciate the ability to manage a large number of emails on different accounts.

5. Calendar Snooze
I don’t know why it seems impossible to have a good snooze function built into a calendar. Anyway, Calendar Snooze takes care of all of that. This app has been with me since my first Android phone.

The best Android apps for customizing your phone

1. Swift Key (also for iOS)
This keyboard app allows you to customize your keyboard. The one feature that I love with this app, is the arrow keys on the keyboard. They make it easy to move the cursor.

2. Grammarly (also for iOS)
This is, hands down, the best spell checker out there. It provides your phone with a keyboard that has a built-in spellchecker. I also have Grammarly installed on my computer, where it is nicely integrated into Outlook, Word, and Chrome.

3. bxActions
If you have a Samsung phone with a Bixby button no but don’t use Bixby, then this is the app for you.
This app lets you reconfigure that button in a number of useful ways.

4. Action Launcher
Want to have more icons on your screen? Want to have more control of the way you organize your apps? This app can do that, and a ton more.

5. Prey (also for iOS)
With Prey installed, you don’t need to worry about what to do if you lose your phone (or computer). You can locate the device, wipe all data, and make the phone useless for it’s new “owner.”

Picture: Unsplash.

The best Android apps for travel

1. TripIt (also for iOS)
TripIt lets you email your flight itinerary, your hotel confirmation, as well as other tickets to your account. You can also add items manually. What you get in return is a complete itinerary for your trip.

2. App in the Air (also for iOS)
App in the Air is a travel app specially made for taking care of your needs when flying. The combination of this app plus TripIt is extremely useful.

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3. Citymapper (also for iOS)
This is the best urban travel app on the market. It makes it easy to get around by public transport, even in a city you have never visited before.

4. Sygic (also for iOS)
If you want to save cellular data while still having a state of the art GPS, then Sygic is the app for you. The license is far from cheap, but you get what you pay for.

5. Trip Advisor (also for iOS)
Trip Advisor is a trustworthy travel guide with information about everything from restaurants and shopping to hotels and places to visit.

A list of the best Android apps for (fill in the blank) will never be complete.
Do you know another app I should try? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. What a nice list, thanks! If you want to try a good productivity app, you may go for Kanban Tool ( ). I like it because it’s easy to use, yet it’s very effective. It helps me to manage my tasks and projects.

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