2 year anniversary

Today, this blog has been updated every Monday for two years. I want to take this opportunity to not only thank my readers but also to point out some of the resources added to this blog.

My mission with this blog is to help and educate people with the same interest as myself. I’m first and foremost a productivity geek that loves gadgets and gin. I also like to dress well. This variety of interests ensures that there is a lot of blog post to be written for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the regular blog posts, I’m slowly adding other stuff like pages focusing on a particular topic, and cocktail recipes.



Under the Resources menu, you will find three categories: Downloads, Focus pages, and Cocktail recipes.



Currently, I have two Todoist projects that you can download for free. This is my Todoist GTD Weekly Review template and my Todoist ultimate packing list template.


Focus pages

So far, the only Focus page has been the Getting started with Getting Things Done. Together with this blog post, I’m publishing a new Focus page: Keyboard Shortcuts. So far, this page contains 115 keyboard shortcuts.

A Getting started with Todoist page is in the making. Stay tuned!


Cocktail recipes

Here you will find recipes, mostly for gin-based cocktails.


Twitter lists and Pinterest boards

For most categories, I have dedicated Twitter list and Pinterest boards for you to follow. See bottom of each menu.


The most popular categories

Evernote, GTD, and Todoist are the most popular categories.


Have you seen my promo video?


Thanks for reading, sharing, and liking

A big part of the motivation for blogging is that I know that someone reads and appreciates my posts. Thanks to the thousands of people who are sharing, liking and commenting.  The numbers are growing month by month.

I would really appreciate if you would use 20 seconds to share a blog post you like on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you!


  1. Congratulation on your blog anniversary, Bjørn Christian. I’m impressive that you have kept posting steadily for two years! I’m in here, sneaking around in some of your old blog posts. See you around at work ?

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