10 tips on how to utilize your gadgets when traveling

How to utilize your gadgets when traveling

Most of us bring a few gadgets when traveling. With a smartphone or laptop, and internet connection, you literally have the world at your fingertips. Here are a few tips on how to use your gadgets to make life easier when on the road.


1. Use Google Maps

Use Google Maps to add things to see and do at your destination.
I always start planning my trips on Google maps. Sometimes, if there is no rush to book a hotel, I will start adding as much as possible to the map so that I can narrow down on hotel locations based on the location of my activities. Find out more in the below blog post.

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2.  Make sure that you never run out of power.

If I was to give one single advice to modern travelers, it would be this: Get a power bank. What kind you should get, well, that’s a totally different issue. It depends on what you want to charge and how long you have to go between power outlets. Personally, I often bring two. One heavy duty one that resides in my wheeled carry-on, and one small one that I bring with me almost everywhere I go.

your gadgets when traveling
A small power bank like this is ideal for keeping your cell phone alive. (Picture: Pxhere)


3. Use Tripadvisor

Use TripAdvisor to find nearby restaurants and attractions.
Using my TripAdvisor app, I get a very good indication of what to do, and what to avoid, at my destination. It is also possible to save trips and places you want to visit so that you have it all ready for when you arrive.


4. Make sure you have enough data for your mobile phone

There is free roaming within EU, so the cost is of little issue, but chances are that you will use more data than you normally do. This is especially true if you rely on using Google Maps. Check your provider for options. Outside of EU things become a bit more complicated. See tips no 5.


5. Bring your old mobile phone

Buy a local sim card with data for your newest phone. Place your ordinary sim card in your old cell phone, and use this for making and receiving calls. If you keep these phones separated you will even have a backup phone if one of them gets lost or stolen.

Most providers have prepaid SIM cards. If you can, avoid buying this in a vending machine. Go to a physical store. Most times they will even help you with setting up your phone with the new sim card.


6. Buy an external WLAN antenna for your laptop

All seems perfect with your hotel room. You even got a corner room with windows on both walls. Then, you open your laptop only to find out that the view comes with a prize; a very bad wifi connection.
The fix? A USB powered external wifi adapter with an antenna.


7. Use a travel planner

Use a service like TripIt to make an itinerary for your trip.
TripIt lets you email your flight itinerary, your hotel confirmation, as well as other tickets to your account. You can also add items manually. What you get in return is a complete itinerary for your trip.

Personally, I use bot TripIt and App in the Air. Read on to find out why.

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8. Take a photo of your passport and other important documents

Take a photo of your passport and other important documents using your phone.
This way you will always have these documents with you. Upload these photos to Evernote, Google Drive, or any other cloud service, this way you will be able to find them even if your phone gets stolen or lost.

Picture: Pixabay


9. Download local travel apps

Make sure to download local travel apps for your destination.
Nothing beats the convenience of having an app for local transportation and tourist information. A favorite of mine is Citymapper.


10. Make a packing list

Write a packing list and upload this to the cloud. This way you will have a complete overview if your luggage gets lost or stolen.

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Bonus tip: Prepare before leaving work

Prepare so that taking time off from work does not mean having to return to chaos.

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Do you have any more tips on how to get the most out of your gadgets when traveling?
Please share in the comment field below.



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